Semi Sheer Lace Full Figure Bra Sermija Honey
Semi Sheer Lace Full Figure Bra Sermija Honey
Semi Sheer Lace Full Figure Bra Sermija Honey

Semi Sheer Lace Full Figure Bra Sermija Honey

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Seductive semi-sheer full figure underwire bra Honey by Sermija Lingerie. The inner part of the foam bra and the bottom of the underwear is covered with cotton fabric. The outer edges of the bra are strengthened with decorative elastic stripes. The inner fabric piece under the bridge is strengthened with the special net that connects two cups and helps to keep bra's form and function invariable.

• Adjustable straps for better fit and comfort.
• 2 row - 3 column hook and eye back closure. Bra fastener is designed for large size items. That is why the stretching force is distributed evenly throughout the entire scope.
• Metal underwires ends are infused in a protective capsule. The knitwear layer which does not let the wires come out is inside the frame-band and gives softness to the stripe. Controllers and underwires are made of metal alloys that do not cause allergies.
• Hand wash warm; line dry.
• Material: Polyamide, Cotton, Elastane.
• All materials have Oeko-Teks Standard 100 certificates.
• Made in EU.
• Sizes:32D-32DDD/F; 34B-34G; 36B-36G; 38B-38DDD/F; 40B-40DD/E; 42B, 42C, 42D.
• Color: Black.

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